Action, adventure, and suspense follow Sam Jones as he escapes the eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano. 

Stumble with Donny Jamison into an alternate world as he struggles to find his illusive dream of getting rich quick.

Enter Donny’s world at your own risk…


Gavin Clark steps into an unseen web that takes him into a strange, compressed world where time and space meet. Will he ever find his way out?


Sixteen-year-old Jeff Watson confronts his two brothers, who claim to have gone back in time and accidentally brought a baby dinosaur home. Things turn bad when they take the baby dinosaur back. Will Jeff find a way to get them home safely?

Brad Jones is living a happy, uncomplicated life, until the night he has his first episode. Over the following days, he has more episodes. Each one more intense than the last. Then he starts hearing voices, faint at first, but with each episode they get clearer . . .  and more disturbing.

This short story collection, Gold Balls of Fur and Other Snapshots of Life, contains eighteen stories ranging from 250-word flash fiction to 3,500-word short stories. The stories cover a variety of topics and genres, including humor, science fiction, and romance.