Gold Balls of Fur

and Other Snapshots of Life

This short story collection, Gold Balls of Fur and Other Snapshots of Life, contains eighteen stories ranging from 250-word flash fiction to 3,500-word short stories. The stories cover a variety of topics and genres, including humor, science fiction, and romance. Gold Balls of Fur involves three kids trying to manipulate their parents into adopting a Golden Retriever puppy. The parents play along with the kids, knowing full well they are being manipulated. In Tainted Reflection, a man wakes up on his wedding day to find his bride-to-be not the woman he had been dating the past several years, but instead, his best friend, now his gay boyfriend. Confused and thinking everyone is playing a mean joke on him, he comes to realize he had been transported into an alternate dimension and, now, cannot get back to his former life. Despite the problems he meets, a surprising outcome awaits him at the end of the story. These and the other stories show brief snapshots in the lives of the characters as they deal with their issues and conflicts.

Title: Gold Balls of Fur and Other Snapshots of Life

Author: Layne Walker

Length: 88 pages

Published: January 14, 2012

Formats: Print and E-book

Genre: Short Stories

Publisher: CreateSpace

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