Time Hackers

Finding a baby Triceratops in the house, sixteen-year-old Jeff Watson confronts his two brothers, Riley and Wayne, who claim to have gone back in time and accidently brought the dinosaur home. Jeff’s friend, Mitch Arnoldson, buys their story, but Jeff can’t believe Riley built a real, working time machine with his computer. Playing along, Jeff agrees to pack a bag and make the trip through time to take the dinosaur home. Carlita and Macy, the girlfriends of Jeff and Mitch, go along, just for the fun of it. 

Much to Jeff’s surprise, Riley’s time machine really works, and in a flash, Jeff finds himself in a world as alien to him as the moon. Separated from Mitch and the girls, Jeff must keep himself and his brothers alive until they meet up again to go home.

Unfortunately, man-eating dinosaurs aren’t the only danger Jeff has to avoid.

A devious man from the government, determined to keep  Riley’s computer a secret, follows the kids with a plan to steal Riley’s computer and leave the kids stranded in the Jurassic Era. Will Jeff and his brothers avoid being eaten by hungry T-Rexes, only to find themselves stuck millions of years in the past? Or will Jeff find a way to get all of them home safely?

Title: Time Hackers

Author: Layne Walker

Length: 188 pages

Published: July 26, 2013

Formats: Print and E-book

Genre: Sci-fi – Time Travel

Publisher: Wild Mustangs Publishing


Time Hackers by Layne Walker is a middle grade to early teen book with elements of science fiction, time travel, fantasy, and the general pre-teen angst that we’ve all come to know and love in middle grade fiction.

Sixteen-year-old Jeff Watson is shaken out of his normal teenage happenings one day when he comes face to face with a dinosaur in his kitchen. A triceratops to be exact. And if you think you’d be prepared to find anything in your house, just wait until you find yourself looking at three long and pointy horns staring you down. Jeff’s brothers say that they brought their new pet home from the past. They’ve built a time machine and the triceratops accidentally came along for the ride when they went home. Jeff, like any logical person on this earth, doesn’t believe them…but there’s nothing like 5 tons of proof sitting in your living room!

Jeff gives the time machine a try and ends up trapped in a world that our current time of technology and international connections forgot. Now Jeff and his brothers have to survive the dangers of this prehistoric jungle in order to get home, but that’s not the only problem facing the brothers. Turns out the government caught wind of the machine and now they’ve sent an agent to acquire it…leaving the boys stranded. This was a good old-fashioned action adventure book. Akin to Journey to the Center of the Earth and others of the same ilk. I really enjoyed it and expect my 12-year-old nephew to be really into it as well.

Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite

Five Stars

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